29 September 2023

Southfields Grid Residents' Association

The SGRA Executive Committee makes this statement on where it stands on the issue of AELTC’s development proposals. 

Our role is that of an ‘honest broker’.  To put this into context, the issue of AELTC’s development proposals is one of many issues which the Association deals with – the majority being concerns raised by SGRA residents for example speeding, thefts etc.  

In doing so, our strength has been to ensure that all residents have access to all the information possible and provide fora for discussions so that they can make up their own minds as to whether they support or oppose the proposals.  For example, we circulated a leaflet to every household in 2021, and our regular Grid newsletters have included updates on the proposals including articles written by Simon.  Also the topic of the AELTC’s development proposals has been a consistent agenda item for our Public Meetings for the last two years.   

Whilst the Executive Committee still thinks that its view of its role is the right one, it is also aware that AELTC’s proposals have stirred considerable debate and very strong feelings. We think it is prudent to get a representative view of our Grid residents in order to assess the way forward. 

With timings to be confirmed, we will be conducting a survey in October for about two weeks targeting those on the SGRA database. In realising the complexity of the proposals and process involved, we will be directing questions in a way to allow respondents to choose an answer that reflects their concerns as closely as possible – in doing this, we are thinking of those who may not have a downright objection to the proposals but have concerns on specific aspects for example number of tennis courts or stadia to be built.   

Before the results are posted on the website, the Executive Committee will meet further to discuss the results and potential implications of them before deciding next steps.  

SGRA Executive Committee

26 September 2023

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