Forthcoming Events

(placeholder list – this will get smartened up in time)

Saturday 9th June – 12-4pm: Let’s turn the Grid Green, all over the Grid

Saturday 7th July – 12-3pm: Celebration picnic open to everyone, Coronation Gardens

Sunday 8th July – 12-4pm: Sheringdale BBQ and Fair, Sheringdale Schoool, open to all (£0.50 admission)

Tuesday 24th July – 7-9pm: SGRA Open Meeting, St Barnabas Church, 146 Lavenham Road

Saturday 29th September – 12-3pm: Abundance Southfields, St Barnabas Church, 146 Lavenham Road

Early December – Christmas Lights switch-on, 4.30pm onwards on Replingham Road (date TBA)