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SGRA Front Garden Awards 2019

June 15 - June 29

Plant your gardens, window boxes/pots and streets to brighten up the Grid. Our annual Front Garden Awards event is back for another year!

There will be three categories this year: Best Front Garden, Best Street Planting and Spectacular Sunflowers of Southfields. 

For Best Front Garden the judges will be handing out bronze, silver or gold garden label pins/stakes. A front garden does not have to be a conventional plot, it can be a collection of flowering pots, a blooming window ledge, hanging baskets etc. An overall winner will be chosen from gardens that have been given a gold award.

Residents will know immediately what award they have won as the garden label pins/stakes will be placed in their front gardens. 

Best Street Planting: this links in with ‘Green the Grid’ when many people signed up for plants to green our street tree bases. The judges will choose the best planted tree bases in each street for an award.

Both the Best Front Gardens and Best Street Planting categories will be judged between 15 and 29 June.

The names of the winner, commendations etc of these two events will be published in the Summer edition of the Grid news which is due out in late July.

Our final event – Spectacular Sunflowers of Southfields, when we hope to see masses of sunflowers growing in Grid front gardens, will not be judged until late August so as to give the plants lots of time and, hopefully, sunshine, to grow to an amazing height! This is a fun event which we hope will appeal to children in particular. Spectacular sunflowers plots will be given a special sunflower garden pins/stakes.

An awards presentation will take place at the SGRA Open meeting on Tuesday, 24 September.

We hope that you will take part in all or, at least some, of the above so that we can Green the Grid even further. Need inspiration? Have a look at the 2018 Front Garden Award winners.


June 15
June 29