Assistance for Grid Residents During November 2020 Lockdown

With a second lockdown from Thursday November 5th – Wednesday December 2nd, some of our residents at greatest risk may need help and support over the coming month.  Three of our local, long-established and trusted Grid organisations continue to offer just that.  The “Southfields Grid Alliance” of the SGRA, St Barnabas Church and the “Grid Mummies” are working together to provide a range of support and assistance for local who needs someone to turn to.  Local, trusted volunteers are on hand to do anything required for the elderly, vulnerable or self-isolating such as

  • Running errands
  • Doing the shopping
  • Having a friendly chat by phone
  • Dog walking
  • Picking up prescriptions

If you need help, or know someone who might need help, please get in touch with our Grid Alliance coordinator Rebecca Watts right now on 07734 818540 or email  She can put people in touch with someone trusted, living in the Grid, and who can offer immediate help.  Only people known and trusted by our organisations will be used to help.  We also have the full support of our local MP and 3 local councillors.

Please forward this to anyone in the Grid who might need to see this, and we hope to be of help in these coming difficult weeks.