Update on young tree watering across the Grid

A big thank you to everyone on the Grid who kindly adopted and watered trees planted by Wandsworth Council over the last 3 years. This was as part of the Wandsworth Tree Wardens ‘Watering Hub’ pilot scheme, supported by Green the Grid and the SGRA, which has been going strong on the Grid all summer. Around 45 young trees were ‘adopted’ by local residents and Marcus, Lily and Chloe’s posters are dotted around on 15 of them. Ava took great care of the tree near her house – a ‘Schmitt’s Cherry’ – and it’s looking beautiful. Do use the ‘Southfields Grid Tree Adoption Map’ below and see if you can find them! More details in the SGRA Grid News, recently published and delivered to all residents on the Grid.

There are 550 beautiful trees on the Grid. Even though we have now had plenty of rain and are well into autumn weather, young trees remain vulnerable. Please would everyone keep an eye on all the trees and if you see one near you struggling, please adopt and water it. You could even arrange a watering rota with neighbours. Trees need a bucket or two of water every other day during dry weather. Many trees have a watering pipe to pour water directly into so it gets to the roots directly. For tree bases which have been planted with flowers, the water will benefit the flowers too. You can tell when the younger trees were planted by the colour on the top of the stake (see the map).

For further information about the Wandsworth Tree Wardens, go to: https://wandsworthtreewardens.org/

If you are concerned that a tree on the Grid is struggling, please contact Serena at sjpotter304@gmail.com