SGRA Update April 2020

Dear All

As we were unable to have our scheduled SGRA Open Meeting on 31st March, we thought we’d update you via email about what’s happening on the Grid during this challenging time. In place of the meeting we held an online Executive Committee meeting on 1st April, joining the many of us far and wide who are adapting fast to technology.

We reviewed the Southfields Grid Alliance work and thank Becky Watts, the coordinator, for doing sterling work. We now have over 50 volunteers who are doing a tremendous job of collecting and delivering groceries and prescriptions to residents in need. Everyone should have received a green paper insert with all the details inside the recent Grid Newsletter. If you didn’t receive one, just let us know. There are also spares at McCluskey’s on Revelstoke Road and John Walker on Replingham Road.

Help and support during the pandemic

Shops in Southfields:

The SGRA website has a link to current information about local shops and services which is updated daily. Do use the contact details on the page if anything needs to be added or updated, and we’ll do the rest. Shop local – they could do with your support!

On Monday 6th April we launched a help and support page; you can find it on the website:     

Wandsworth Council have formed a new community hub for those in need:

Other news

Public Realm Improvements Update 26th March 2020:

Sidonie Forrest-Brown has sent us the following update, and will continue to send updates as and when:

  • The improvement work has been going well and we have been on track with the programme so far. You may have seen that we have all private forecourts included along Replingham Road,  which is great news and maximising the overall look of the scheme. Although the workers are still on site at the moment, this may change if the Government updates their advice.

  • At this stage we have most of the funding committed to deliver the scheme and we will be continuing as planned once social distancing measures are lifted and the supply chain is restarted in terms of materials, labour etc. However, as you will appreciate this is a period of uncertainty in many ways and we may need to adapt to changing circumstances accordingly.


Please see this document for the latest updates on local planning.


The SGRA currently has £4000 in bank and £150 petty cash. Outstanding collections are: approximately £315  from advertising, £1400 from last newsletter so £5800 approx in total. No current outgoings.


Please see the SGRA Crime Report Page for the latest available figures.


Friends of Wimbledon Park


Please see this document for the latest updates on Friends of Wimbledon Park.

Update: Please note that Wimbledon Park is currently closing at 8pm.

Friends of Coronation Gardens

You can read the FoCG’s annual report about their first year below:

It’s a fabulous website and a great read. Setting up The Friends of Coronation Gardens has been a long-term aim by the SGRA since 2013, and it’s been a tremendous first year for the group. We’d encourage everyone to sign up as a Friend, to help them have the membership numbers and funds to improve and enhance this little bit of green in Southfields.


Front Garden Awards

It was decided in our recent meeting that the Awards will be placed on hold and a decision made in May as to how to go forward this year. The Committee members have a number of ideas, but hope to have a better sense of what is possible in a few weeks time.



The date for this is Tuesday 26th May at St Barnabas Church; however, this may change depending on circumstances

Best wishes

The SGRA Executive Committee