Grid Alliance is Here to Offer Help

The current pandemic means some of our residents at greatest risk may need some help and support over the coming weeks and potentially months. Three of our long-established, trusted local Grid organisations are coming together to offer just that.

The Southfields Grid Residents’ Association, St Barnabas Church and the “Grid Mummies” network are working together to provide a range of support and assistance for anyone on the Grid who needs someone to turn to.  We know how resilient and resourceful the people of Southfields are, and we’re confident some residents will be comfortable they can look after their own needs.  However that will not be true for everyone.  That’s where our fantastic community spirit will be so valuable, providing practical help and appropriate social contact to anyone who needs or asks for it.

Our three organisations are sharing our long experience, local knowledge, expertise and trusted contacts.  Local, trusted representatives will be on hand if needed to do anything required for the elderly, vulnerable or self-isolating.  For example they can do things like:

  • Running errands
  • Doing the shopping
  • Have a friendly chat by phone
  • Dog walking
  • Pick up prescriptions

If you need help – however small, please get in touch with the coordinator for this service, Rebecca Bailey.  She lives right here on the Grid, and can be contacted on 07734 818540 or email .  She’ll be able to put anyone asking for help in touch with someone trusted, living in the Grid, and who can offer you immediate help.

Only people who are known and trusted by one or more of the three organisations will be used to help. The help provided will not require any of the volunteers to enter your home.  We aim to make this a truly safe and useful local service.

Let’s stress that we’re not replacing anyone’s neighbours, family, local friends or the council’s Adult Services department.  We’re here to help anyone falling between the cracks and who needs trusted local help.  We’ve the full support of our local MP and our three local Southfields councillors.

If you know of a neighbour in need, don’t wait for others, just go and offer them assistance.  If you would like to offer help to people locally and potentially across Wandsworth you can sign up on the council’s website at


Click here for a list of local shops and services that are available around the Grid.

We look forward to being of help, we are willing to do anything within our power to help people, so please don’t hesitate to ask.  Thank you.