Safer Neighbourhood Team Public Meeting – February 2020

The Southfields Safer Neighbourhood Team recently held a public meeting on Saturday 15th February 2020 at the Parish Room, St Barnabas church. This is the regular meeting of the Met Police local community police team.  PC’s James Elvy and PC Don Lopes were present.  They reported that during the 8 weeks up to mid-February:

  • There have been 19 burglaries in the Southfields council ward – 3 in the Grid
  • There have been 49 car break-ins or thefts in the Southfields ward – 17 in the Grid. These are mostly catalytic convertors being stolen, and from Honda, Lexus and Toyotas.

The SNT also recently did a sweep of several Grid streets and recorded 14 unlocked cars out of 45 tested.  The strong advice is checking your car properly, and not leave anything in your car while parked.

There have been several break-ins at Grid shops recently, and the SNT are in touch with the local businesses regarding ways to protest their premises.

Amazon (and other companies) parcels that are left on doorways are also tempting targets.  It was suggested by an audience member that you should nominate a drop-off point rather than your doorstep, like our local Post Office on Replingham, Road which will take in parcels.

The public events the SNT did on the 8th February were reasonably well attended, but it was also pointed out that people may not have been able to come, but appreciated that the SNT were being seen to be out and about and visible.

There has been a slight increase in graffiti.  We are reminded there is a graffiti hotline at the council, who will remove it quickly if they are notified quickly, or via their reporting app.

The meeting was well-attended, closed at 11.10am, and the next quarterly meeting will be on Saturday 23rd May at 10.30am