Southfields Improvement Works to Commence January 2020

The long-awaited improvement plans for the centre of Southfields start on Monday January 20th and are expected to last until September 2021.  Below is a letter that went out to all residents informing them of the plans.  Please see the official notice from Wandsworth Council below.

Sidonie Forrest Brown, the council senior traffic engineer will be at the SGRA Open Meeting on Tuesday 28th January to talk about it all.

The works will take place continuously, stopping only for Wimbledon tennis 2020 and 2012 and the Christmas break 2020.  This is the approximate schedule:

  • Start around Clonmore Street area, including a “raised junction” there on Replingham Road
  • Go up Replingham Road to junction with Wimbledon Park Road
  • Wimbledon Park Road to Dartmoor Gardens, south side (timing depends on Wimbledon tennis)
  • From Gartmoor Gardens along Wimbledon Park Road north side to junction Augustus Road
  • Wimbledon Park Road to Pirbright Road  (November to mid-February 2021)
  • Strip around Kinleigh’s (Feb-March 2021)
  • Southfields station area (May- June 2021)
  • Road surfacing, works complete

There are two plans – one of Replingham Road in particular and one of the whole area.  Click each image to view an enlarged version.



We shall try to update you as and when we get news.   You can also see notes and more details at the council website.