Window Wanderland 2019 Photos

  • 156 windows officially signed up though we had more unofficial sign ups over the weekend of the event.
  • Figures are up on previous years’ with 129 windows in 2018 and 110 in 2017.
  • Businesses & schools who participated; Adam’s Hairdressers, Vision in the Village, Southfields Footcare, Oakleys Locksmiths, Chalk, Riversdale, St Michael’s, Wimbledon Park Montessori School. Chalk very kindly offered discounts to those looking to buy supplies to decorate their windows.
  • Event was sponsored by Number Works ‘n Words & the SGRA – Thank You!
  • We believe this event has resonated within the community and intend to keep the tradition going.
  • The atmosphere this year was the best yet. To quote 5 year old Thomas of Elborough St as he looked at the Star Wars Lego window ….”mummy my head is exploding right now”!
  • Southfields also became a ‘destination’ over the weekend with many visiting the area especially for the event.
  • Number Works ‘n Words have already put their hand up to sponsor 2020……until then!!